In Our Weakness We Find God’s Strength

We got to see God’s strength carry us as a Moldova Missions Team this year. We had plenty of examples of times when we were weak and God carried us.

Fred Jr. lost his voice a few days into camp. If you have been to camp or been part of one of our teams in the past, you know that Fred Jr. needs his voice for camp. Fred leads the camp and encourages the kids by being loud. God carried him through, and by God’s provision, Randy had brought a whistle with him for no specific reason. Fred was able to use the whistle to organize the troops and save his voice from yelling. God healed him quickly and he was back to normal within a day.

My weakness came out in my inability to sleep for the first two days at camp. It is amazing how God picks us up and pushes us through during this camp experience. We play and train for upwards of eight hours per day. For those like me who are saddled behind a desk, this is a different daily schedule than I’m accustomed to. But God continually picks us up and ministers to the kids through us. Even without sleep, I felt good and was able to work with the kids and play with them throughout the day.

Fred Sr. broke a tooth the day we arrived and was feeling some pain. God took this weakness and through His strength took the pain away.

Missions trips are not just for the people you are reaching out to. God uses missions trips to reach out and teach those of us who go.

Romani 8:26

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

Şi tot astfel şi Duhul ne ajută în slăbiciunea noastră: căci nu ştim cum trebuie să ne rugăm. Dar însuş Duhul mijloceşte pentru noi cu suspine negrăite.

David vs. Goliath: True Story

We got to experience a real life David and Goliath story at camp this year. We were on the Soccer field for our 5:30 PM training with all the kids from camp. We were split into four groups, and the kids were going from station to station for intervals of 1-3 minutes of exercise. Fred Jr. blew his whistle and brought all the teams into the middle.

A new game had begun; a game of strength and endurance. The object of the game was to hold a push-up position for longer than the other contestants. If a contestant fell down or any part of their body touched the ground, they were out. Each team chose one person to step into the center of the “ring”.

The teams huddled up to choose their contestant. Two of the teams chose medium sized boys who were strong. One team chose the largest man at camp, while the last team put forth a small boy, a 7 year old. The team who put forth “Goliath” thought for sure they had the winner of this contest. With “Goliaths” strength and brawn he would not fall! Especially not to a tiny 7 year old boy!

The whistle blew and the contest was on! Each of the contestants pushed up into position and held their body weight in the air, while only balancing on their hands and feet. The minutes began to tick away…..

After about 5 minutes one of the medium sized boys started to struggle. His arms began to shake, sweat poured down his face, and suddenly he slipped down to the ground. One down, three to go.

A few more minutes pass, and Goliath started to look a bit tired. He is the strongest, but also the largest of the contestants. His arms began to struggle; the look on his face showed some pain, but he would not quit! More minutes pass and he struggled more, until finally down he went! Two down, two to go.

Another minute went by and the other medium sized boy started to falter. He had been holding himself up for 10 minutes at this point, and he was unable to hold on any more. Down he went!

Three down, one left; the victor. “Davids” team rushes out to celebrate with him, and yet he is still in the push up position, almost appearing to be asleep.

God gave us all a picture of His greatness and strength, reminding us of the real story of David and Goliath and what God did with a tiny boy in the defeat of a mighty giant. Nothing is impossible with God, and God was holding little Igor (David) up during this contest; I’m sure of it.

David verus Goliath

1 Samuel 17

38 Saul a îmbrăcat pe David cu hainele lui, i -a pus pe cap un coif de aramă, şi l -a îmbrăcat cu o platoşă.
39 David a încins sabia lui Saul peste hainele lui, şi a vrut să meargă, căci nu încercase însă să meargă cu ele. Apoi a zis lui Saul: ,,Nu pot să merg cu armătura aceasta, căci nu sînt obicinuit cu ea.“ Şi s’a desbrăcat de ea.
40 Şi -a luat toiagul în mînă, şi -a ales din pîrău cinci pietre netede, şi le -a pus în traista lui de păstor şi în buzunarul hainei. Apoi, cu praştia în mînă, a înaintat împotriva Filisteanului.
41 Filisteanul s’a apropiat puţin cîte puţin de David, şi omul care -i ducea scutul mergea înaintea lui.
42 Filisteanul s’a uitat, şi cînd a zărit pe David, a rîs de el, căci nu vedea în el decît un copil, cu păr bălai şi cu faţa frumoasă.
43 Filisteanul a zis lui David: Ce! sînt cîne, de vii la mine cu toiege?“ Şi, după ce l -a blestemat pe dumnezeii lui,
44 a adăogat: ,,Vino la mine, şi-ţi voi da carnea ta păsărilor cerului şi fiarelor cîmpului.“
45 David a zis Filisteanului: ,,Tu vii împotriva mea cu sabie, cu suliţă şi cu pavăză; iar eu vin împotriva ta în Numele Domnului oştirilor, în Numele Dumnezeului oştirii lui Israel, pe care ai ocărît -o.
46 Astăzi Domnul te va da în mînile mele, te voi doborî, şi-ţi voi tăia capul; astăzi voi da stîrvurile taberii Filstenilor păsărilor cerului şi fiarelor pămîntului. Şi tot pămîntul va şti că Israel are un Dumnezeu.
47 Şi toată mulţimea aceasta va şti că Domnul nu mîntueşte nici prin sabie nici prin suliţă. Căci biruinţa este a Domnului. Şi El vă dă în mînile noastre.“
48 Îndată ce Filisteanul a pornit să meargă înaintea lui David, David a alergat pe cîmpul de bătaie înaintea Filisteanului.
49 Şi -a vîrît mîna în traistă, a luat o piatră, şi a aruncat -o cu praştia; a lovit pe Filistean în frunte, şi piatra a intrat în fruntea Filisteanului, care a căzut cu faţa la pămînt.
50 Astfel, cu o praştie şi cu o piatră, David a fost mai tare decît Filisteanul; l -a trîntit la pămînt şi l -a omorît, fără să aibă sabie în mînă.
51 A alergat, s’a oprit lîngă Filistean, i -a luat sabia, pe care i -a scos -o din teacă, l -a omorît şi i -a tăiat capul. Filistenii, cînd au văzut că uriaşul lor a murit, au luat -o la fugă.
52 Şi bărbaţii lui Israel şi Iuda au dat chiote, şi au pornit în urmărirea Filistenilor pînă în vale şi pînă la porţile Ecronului. Filistenii, răniţi de moarte, au căzut pe drumul care duce la Şaaraim pînă la Gat şi pînă la Ecron.
53 Şi copiii lui Israel s’au întors dela urmărirea Filistenilor, şi le-au jăfuit tabăra.

Meet the Moldova 2012 Martial Arts Mission Team

We had the blessing this year of being part of a group of ten individuals with an extreme desire to serve Jesus Christ by taking the Gospel to the nations. What a blessing it is to be involved with such a focused and exceptional group of people changed by Jesus Christ. It is only by God’s grace and mercy that we serve, and I thank God for each member of the team.

The team below represents five physical families, but God has knitted our hearts together in Him and with love for the people of Moldova! We love martial arts, but martial arts is just what opens the door for us in Moldova.

Fred Sr. and Tina
 Fred Jr.
Caity “Honey Badger”: We’ll explain the nickname in a future post.

Ioan 3:16

16 Fiindcă atît de mult a iubit Dumnezeu lumea, că a dat pe singurul Lui Fiu, pentruca oricine crede în El, să nu piară, ci să aibă viaţa vecinică.

“Strong Princesses”

Guest author Tina Maddocks.
The women’s team called the “Strong Princesses” (daughters of the King) won the championship for all the games. They had heart and great indomitable spirit. They never gave up. They fought and competed like champions and they won (to the great surprise of all the boys teams).

Daily Camp Schedule

Thank you to all our church members, friends, and ministry partners for your prayers during our Moldova trip. We wanted to share the details of daily life at Martial Arts Camp in Moldova. We have had many people express interest in going to camp in the future, so this will give you a taste of what a week at camp looks like.

If you have questions, post them in the comment section and we will answer.

Schedule of TKD Camp 2012
6:00 Devotion Time. Prayer group leaders and partners of leading a group. (15-20 min)
Each morning we begin at 6:00 AM with a prayer time amongst the leaders from Moldova and America. Some times we prayed as a big group, other times breaking into smaller groups. Each day we prayed for a specific purpose.
6:30 Technical Trainings, Those who don’t to getthe exam, they will have training with Fred, Chris, and other instructors.
This is our first training session of the day. The kids who are testing for Tae Kwon Do go off with their instructors to prepare for the test. The remaining kids are split up amongst the American team for Tae Kwon Do training. The girls were led in self-defense training by Fred Sr. and Tina. Randy and Fred Jr. took the older teen age boys, while Jonathan and Chris took the younger boys.
8:00 Personal Hygiene.
After training hard, it is a good idea to wash up before breakfast.
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Worship time and Study Bible 
Each morning we worship God through song, a testimony, and a short morning message. After worship, we move to Bible study groups. This year we made our way through the book of Ephesians.
11:00 Training in groups (instructors American leaders)
Second training session of the day, with the entire camp split up into groups and cycled around through the American instructors. Fred Sr. and Tina continued to work with the ladies. The remaining instructors taught the other kids.
12:20 Personal Hygiene
1:00 p.m. Lunch
2:00 p.m. Free time,  Rest time and Pool water
Every camp needs a bit of free time. Free time included Frisbee, football (American and Moldovan), basketball, some rest, and some time in the pool.
4:00 p.m. Games
Camp game time with each group competing for the title of Champion.
5:00 p.m. Leaders  Meeting.
5:30 p.m. Instructor time and traning separate (Fred or 1 American Instructor with Nicolae and leaders)
Nicolae used this time to train with his Instructors. Fred Jr. led training and games with the big group.
5:30 p.m. Training camp (Rest of Americans leading camp training)
7:00 p.m.  Personal Hygiene
7:30 p.m. Dinner
8:30 p.m. Evening chapel, speaking, Testimonies, Message Bible
Each evening we gather back together for the evening service. We worship the Lord in song, hear a testimony, and a message from the Word.
10:30 p.m. Movie time  (Not to long ang good movie)
The American team heads to our cabin for a short recap and prayer meeting for the day.
11:00 End of the Day and go to bed.
We were tired, and the next day starts before you know it.

Camp in Moldova

We returned last evening from our yearly summer camp trip to Moldova. God brought many young people to the camp to hear His Word. We had 139 young people ranging in age from 6-23 years old. Our theme this year was the book of Ephesians; we preached in the worship services and taught a Bible study to each kid at camp.

Over the next few days I’ll post many of the stories from this year and introduce you via pictures to the children we ministered to.

Our big ideas about Ephesians from the Bible study are:

Main Idea
Ephesians 1: God’s Plan
God’s plan is to redeem and forgive the one who is saved.
Ephesians 2: Grace, Faith, and Salvation
Salvation is a gift from God, by grace through faith
Ephesians 3: The Mystery of the Gospel
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is available for all nationalities to partake in.
Ephesians 4:1-16, Maturity in Christ
The Christian is called to walk the walk and become more mature in Christ
Ephesians 4:17 – 6:9, The Old and New Self; Wives and Husbands; Children and Parents
The Gospel transforms the Christian and defines how husbands and wives / children and parents deal with each other.
Ephesians 6:10 – 24, The Armor of God
Hold fast to the Armor of God as protection against Satan