The Romeos To Moldova – 2013

We are preparing to embark as a family to Moldova. This time we’ll travel for the summer months (if you read of our last trip, it was during the coldest part of winter).

Our goals this year are simple: minister to the youth of Moldova at gospel centered camps; serve in any way we can; preach the gospel at every opportunity; teach english to those who want to learn; support our ministry partners in Moldova.

One other goal for this summer is to prayerfully ask the Lord what He has for us in Moldova in the future. Does He want us to move as a family to Moldova? Please join us in praying for the summer mission and also for our future ministry in Moldova.

We have raised and saved $6000 for our plane tickets; we need to raise another $4000 quickly to cover the expenses. Please partner with us on this mission and pray that the Lord uses us, as a family, in a mighty way!

Donations are tax deductible and are accepted at http://www,

God bless and pray for Moldova!