3 days from the airport…

We are three days from the airport (or as I like to say, from “wheels up”), and four days from being on the ground in Moldova. Our family (plus Caity White) will be in Moldova from May 24 to August 6. Our primary base of operations is Emanuel Baptist Church in Cahul, Moldova.

The preparations are crazy as we try to organize our lives and fit them into tiny little suitcases. God is in control of everything, so no concern on this front. We will roll with what He has for us. We’re bringing lots of fun stuff for camp (paracord, duct tape, frisbees, candy, etc).

We were commissioned by our home church (Redeemer Community) yesterday. I had a chance to share our mission for this summer, and I summed it up like this:

  1. Pastoral Apprenticeship — I hope to complete an official pastoral apprenticeship against my MDiv degree requirements at Shepherds Theological Seminary. This will involve preaching, teaching, and being involved in the ministry of the local church.
  2. Camp Ministry — We currently plan to serve in three weeks of camp (1 teen martial arts, 1 martial arts VBS, and 1 VBS for Emanuel Church).
  3. Ladies Bible Study — Deb will be helping to lead a young, married ladies Bible study.
  4. Reaching out to the camp kids during the summer — We are hoping to connect with many of the kids from camp in Cahul, by starting a daily workout in the park session. We also plan to travel to the nearby villages where kids study Martial Arts with Nicolae.
  5. Anything else that the Lord places in our path.

 These are our prayer requests as of today:

  1. Ashley — pray that she is healed and has no break in her shoulder.
  2. Safe travels — pray that the Lord guides us through this travel process smoothly.
  3. Strength — pray that we find our strength in Him, and not in ourselves. (Isaiah 12:2)
  4. Path — pray that the Lord puts people in our path day to day for us to minster and share the Gospel with.
  5. Housing — pray that the Lord provides us with adequate housing for our 2.5 month stay.