Preaching at Emanuel – June 9

I had the great blessing to open up God’s Word at Emanuel Baptist Church in Cahul on June 9. I spoke about the Heart of Worship. The recording is missing the first five minutes where I used David as an illustration, and spoke about how David worshiped the LORD when times were good (military victory) and when times were bad (the death of David’s son).

From there I went into 9 basic ideas about worship from Psalm 95. I ended up combining a few at the end because it was quite warm in the church and some people were starting to droop. 😉

I pray that God will provide me with many more opportunities to preach while here in Moldova, and will fill me with the Spirit as I stand to preach!

A Few Days with Lauren (in Manta and Pascani)

Guest Author: Lauren Romeo

We went to a children’s festival I got to see lots of kids and meet them and maybe give them a hug which maybe is the first real hug they have gotten. It was fun! We performed a couple  songs for the kids. The first one was If your Happy and you know it, the second one was My God is so Big. It was cool all the kids kinda stared at us while we did it. I had fun.


We went to Pascani on Sunday and My dad preached at the church in Pascani and this really nice guy named Victor came and translated, and then Caity,  Daniel, Ashley, Victor, and I sang How Great is Our God. Then we went and had lunch with Pastor of the church’s house and had cherry compote and little sandwiches with meat, cheese, cucumbers and if you wanted tomatoes. Then we talked to Victor and his wife Yolanda for a while, then went home.

End of School Celebrations

The last day of school here in Moldova is a big deal at all the schools. Each school has a program where awards are handed out and dancing demonstrations take place. We were invited to attend a few different end of school programs. We split into two groups. Deb and Daniel went to Paul’s school while I took the girls to visit Irina and David’s school.

Perspective on how many kids were at the event at Ion Creagan

It was great to share this special day with many of our friends here in Moldova!

Congratulations to all that finished off a school year!

Sarah, Lauren, Irina, Ashley, and Caity

After ceremony pizza party at Andy’s Pizza

Lucest and Pascani: June 2nd

I was blessed to open God’s Word at two different churches on June 2nd. The first was in a small village called Lucest, and the second was in Pascani, where I’ve visited in the past.

In the morning, I shared from John 8:48-58, and explained how Jesus claimed to be God by answering that before Abraham was, I Am. The Jewish leaders standing by picked up stones to murder Jesus, because they thought it blasphemous for Jesus to call Himself God.

I concluded my time in the morning by stating the fact that Jesus is God; and asking what does this mean for us? Salvation is the stronghold of the Christians life. We put our faith in Jesus Christ, His life, death, burial, and resurrection, the fact that He is who He says He is, and that the accounts of His life are true. The gospel or Good News is that Jesus came to earth and absorbed God the Father’s wrath concerning sin, for those who take refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is one who forgives our sins; those sins are taken away in Christ.

Nicolae and I during the sermon in Lucest

In the evening I opened up to Isaiah 6:1-7 and expounded on the glory of God, as Isaiah has a vision of God in His throne room.

I shared four big ideas about God’s holiness.

1.     God is our Holy King; His Holiness is larger than we can fathom.
God rules and reigns over His creation, and those that call upon Him as Father acknowledge Him also as King. Our worship of God as our Holy King is eternal; those who are Christians will have the joy of worshiping this great King forever!
We see the largeness of God confirmed in the first few verses of chapter 6. The size and immensity of God can be felt but not truly seen in the recording of Isaiah’s vision. We catch only a glimpse of the immensity of God, by the understanding that He is high and lifted up, sitting on a massive throne, with the train of His robe filling the temple. We do not see God directly from this view, but instead feel how large He truly is.
2.     We worship God because of His Holiness.
The seraphim are our example here from this text. They are in the throne room of God ministering to Him, but their chief role is to worship. God made us to worship also, and our focus of worship must be upon God because of His holiness. God alone is worthy of worship because of His holiness; his perfection; his absolute moral purity and righteousness. We worship because He is Holy.
3.     God cannot permit our un-holiness before Him because He is Holy; a righteous and just judge.
Because God is righteous and a just judge, because of His holiness, He cannot permit any un-holiness in eternity. Unclean lips and hearts separate the non-Christian from God. The good news or Gospel message takes us to #4.
4.     In His grace and mercy, Jesus atoned for our sin to make us holy.
Just as God atones for the sin of Isaiah, He has atoned for the sin of all human beings through Jesus Christ. Isaiah did not receive this grace and mercy because of anything that he had done. He received grace and mercy as a gift of God in salvation, just as we do. God is holy and offers His creation eternal life.
And because of him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption, (1 Corinthians 1:30 ESV)

Dunas Familia Casa

Nicolae is building a house outside of Cahul. The bottom floor will contain his business, and the second floor will be the families house. We had an opportunity to visit the construction site and see the progress. We prayed that the Lord will continue to bless the construction process, and that the family will be able to move in soon.

Emi riding his bike around the first floor.

Nicolae running down the worlds strongest ladder. 😉      


Welcome to one of Lauren’s favorite places in Cahul, the Bucaria.

The Bucaria translates as candy, but it is the name of a company that makes candy here in Moldova. We met the ladies who work in this store during our first trip, and when we made our first trip back to get some candy, they remembered us and started asking questions. They do not speak English (other than perhaps a few words), so our conversations take some time, but we enjoy speaking with them.

Part of our mission here in Cahul is to be in the community, building relationships and interacting with the people in the city. At some point, the question always comes up: “What are you doing here in Moldova? Don’t you live in America?” This is a great lead-in question, opening the door for us to share the gospel.

Praise God for the opportunities we have to serve Him in our daily lives. You don’t have to be in Moldova to take advantage of this type of opportunity. You have people that you interact with daily. Search them out, and share the gospel.


Toe Shoes

Toe Shoes are quite a novelty here. We get more looks and attention from these shoes than we get from the fact that we don’t look like Moldovans.

One of the guys that traveled to Moldova the first few years we did Martial Arts camp started the trend, and others of us have jumped on board with these strange shoes. The shoes protect your feet while still feeling like you are barefoot.

They are great conversation starters, especially with kids!

Mission in the Park

We are SO slammed right now, that no one has any time to write. I’ll be trying over the next few days to catch up and let those interested know the many things that have been going on here.

Quick story about the park… a few days after we arrived, when we were still staying at the church, we decided to try to find some place to play Frisbee. We asked around and were directed to the park in the center of Cahul. We walked around for a bit and found a spot that was large enough to play.

There were two kids playing on the playground equipment, watching us. We invited them to join in, and they were happy to join in. They played with us for an hour, until it was time to go. We tried to explain to them that we had to leave. We hope to see them again, and spend some time just hanging out in the park.

Mission doesn’t always require a complex plan… sometimes it just requires a Frisbee and a park.

A couple walked passed us as we played, and kept turning around to stare at us. They finally worked up the courage to approach us, and it turned out the young lady was from Texas, here in Moldova visiting her boyfriend, who is from Cahul. We chatted with them for a bit, and they jokingly said they knew we were Americans when they saw the Frisbee.


Psalm 95: A Heart of Worship

I have the opportunity to open God’s Word at Emanuil Baptist Church in Cahul this weekend. This Sunday our focus is worship. Different teen groups will be singing different songs, and I’ll have a chance to speak in the middle of the service.

Please pray with me that I will honor God’s Word as I stand to speak this weekend, and also that God will give me a passion for Him.

11 Observations about Worship from Psalm 95

  1. Worship is a corporate event; to be shared together amongst the body of believers. (Verse 1)
  2. Worship is focused on Jesus Christ — the rock of our salvation. (Verse 1)
  3. Worship is singing / joyful noises / songs of praise. (Verse 1 -2)
  4. Worship is entering the presence of our King with thanksgiving. (Verse 2)
  5. Worship is focusing on the majestic nature of God. (Verse 3)
  6. Worship is acknowledging that God created everything that we know (Sea, land, earth). (Verse 4 – 5)
  7. Worship is kneeling before the Lord; sign of reverence, for a King; our Creator. (Verse 6)
  8. Worship is being a sheep. (Verse 7)
  9. Worship is having  a joyful heart (not a hard heart). (Verse 8)
  10. Worship is a pure heart towards God. (Verse 9)
  11. Worship is a precursor for entering God’s rest. (Verse 11)


  • Our heart of worship is Joyful to the Lord; if you do not have a joyful heart, you must examine yourself and figure out why?
  • Guard your heart of worship so as to not go astray from the Lord
    • Remind yourself and each other every day what the gospel means for us; the Gospel is why we worship Him!
    • We must preach the Gospel to each other daily
  • If you are here today and you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, soften your heart and come to Him!
    • Do not have a hard heart to Him who created you and everything you know
    • Acknowledge Him as your Creator and Savior, and come to Him!

Moldova Cribs — 2013 Edition

Greetings family and friends!

We have been quiet since arriving in Moldova, but the Lord has been good to us, and much has been going on!

We received an answer to prayer in the form of a rental house. When we thought this door had been closed for a house, the Lord opened the door.

If you were following the blog during our first trip to Moldova as a family, you saw Lauren’s video of the apartment.  Below is a video tour of our new rental house.