Reflections at the end of Summer 2013

August 9, 2013

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It’s strange how different life is for the Romeo family here in the United States. We’ve been back in North Carolina for three days now, and I find myself feeling like this place is foreign. The first twenty four hours are the most bizarre. After not driving for 3 months and basically living life within a 5 square mile radius, we go back to the large area of life in the United States.

Each time we’ve made the trip to Moldova, the first few weeks are strange as we acclimate to the local Moldovan culture and language. Over time, as God opens up new doors and we plug in more deeply, we feel more attached and Cahul transforms into our home.

Ministry is different for me here in the United States, at Redeemer Community Church. In Moldova, I’m a missionary member of the Emanuel team, and am a part of the day to day ministry of the church. When something is going on, I get a phone call or invitation to jump in. Here at home I’m involved in the life of Redeemer Community Church, but not in the same capacity. This is an adjustment for me.

Each time we travel to Moldova, it is harder to return back to North Carolina. I envision a time in the future where no return trip is planned. We’ll make our way to Moldova, settle in, and be there for the long haul. We feel that there are some things to finish first, the primary thing being my MDiv degree from Shepherds Theological Seminary. After that is done in two years, we will begin the process of what is next for us (perhaps not what, but “where”).

I made a promise to some people in Cahul to do some serious work on my Romanian. I began that process yesterday morning, spending time between two Romanian language learning books. I’m also using 1 John as a vocabulary builder. I read 1 John in the Cornelescui Romanian version, and look up all the words I don’t know. The first two days I looked up almost every word. Over time, as I learn one verse per day, I hope to build my vocabulary. What better way to do that then via God’s Word! I will continue to work hard, with the goal of preaching some sermons from 1 John next year in Moldova.