2014: We have arrived

June 3, 2014

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Our team arrived in Cahul yesterday (Monday, June 2nd). We took a new route this year, traveling from Raleigh, NC to Boston, MA, then to Paris, France, with a final flight destination of Bucharest, Romania. We decided to fly to Bucharest and then drive 4 hours to Cahul to save money per ticket. Using this route required us to pass immigration / customs for both Moldova and Romania. It is more difficult to enter the country by car than by plane.

Two major items I bring before you for prayer today: 1) Deb’s health, and 2) our housing situation.

First, Deb has been ill since we left Raleigh with stomach problems. She is in pain, so please pray that the Lord will heal her quickly.

Second, our housing plan for the summer has changed. Our original house, and the one we stayed in last year, had a pipe burst and flooded the entire house. The owner was unable to repair the house in time for our arrival. As with last year, we begin this journey in the house of the Lord, literally. We are staying at Emanuel Baptist Church this week, and will transition to our final space this weekend. Please pray that a house is found for us that meets our needs (size of our team). We have a total of nine team members this summer, but more on that in the next post.