The Calm Before the Storm

June 5, 2014

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The calm before the storm… not a storm of discomfort, but a storm of activity. We stayed at the church for the past few days, recovering from our travels. The kids are settling in, and have taken over the process of feeding us all. They departed for the store an hour ago with a long list of items to feed us for the rest of today and tomorrow. It takes a lot of food to feed seven teenagers. Hope they stock that grocery store up each night!

I started to feel like we needed to do something. We are missionaries here this summer, shouldn’t we be out doing something? Preaching, teaching, or anything to spread the gospel message? But then I remembered the local people that God has put in our path. We bumped into a young lady on the street who worked at the grocery store last summer. She is currently in University, and was on her way to a final exam. She was a bit frazzled, but still glad to see us and chat for a few moments. I also had the opportunity to catch up with a friend here and talk for an hour about how things have been going in his life. Gospel ministry doesn’t always require a pulpit or an agenda. It can always be found in daily life.

Next week we begin the first of three weeks of back to back to back camp. The first week is the Emanuel VBS camp. Then we transition to the two Club Dinamic martial arts camps: VBS and teen camp at Larga. Mix in a few trips to Romania to pick up team members, and you get a picture of the craziness that is to come. I’m letting myself enjoy the slow nature of this week, because the next three weeks will be a blur!