Two Flats is the Answer

June 12, 2014

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We have been crazy busy the past few days, with the start and now almost conclusion of the Emanuel Vacation Bible Camp. Our prayer for housing has been answered, and we are now living in two separate flats (apartments). We have the boys dorm and girls dorm. 🙂

Our initial plan was to stay in the same house we occupied last summer. That plan changed quickly when we learned a few days before our arrival that the house experienced a large water leak, and parts of the ceiling had caved in. We realize that God had a different plan for us this summer, and everyone has been very good sports about the uncertainty that this introduced. We stayed at the church for the first week, but needed to vacate because the VBC requires all the available space in the church.

We played “House Hunters International: Moldova Edition”, with Nicolae serving as our realtor. He showed us three different options, and we chose two out of the three. The one we passed on was unfurnished and missing a toilet.

The flat for the girls has four rooms (2 bedrooms) and belongs to the English teacher from Emanuel Church. He is out of the country for the summer. The flat for the boys has three rooms, and belongs to the son of a local Pastor. This flat was lived in until the day we took possession. It feels like the owners rented to us and literally ran out the door, leaving most of their stuff behind.