A VBS and another VBS: Update from Moldova

June 20, 2014

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We’ve been busy the past two weeks with back to back VBS camps. We’ve been at the church around 8AM and leaving at 5PM, after prepping for the next day. I have many pictures to post, and will get those going this weekend.

A cold has been making it’s way through the group. I (Chris) have had it, as well as Levi and Deb. After being in contact with over 200 kids in the past two weeks, it’s a blessing that the entire team is not under the weather. Deb is still down with it at the moment, so please pray for her. We have a few days off this weekend before the team from America arrives, and then it’s off to Larga for Teen Martial Arts Camp.

We have made one change to our schedule for the summer which is exciting. Instead of going to Sport Camp in July, we will instead operate a VBS in the village of Androsul. Androsul is dedicating a new building on July 20th, and has asked Emanuel to support a VBS the week before. Most of Emanuel is working on Sport Camp, so we were the logical group to step in and do a VBS. It will be a bit sad to not see all of our friends at Larga, but this opportunity gives us a chance to do ministry versus resting and playing, and we came here to DO ministry!