Comfort Zone

June 21, 2014

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One of my unique gifts that has developed over the past few years is pushing people out of their comfort zone. I learned this unique skill by being pushed out of my comfort zone during our first 3 month trip to Moldova. Pastor Anatol asked me to street preach during Christmas caroling, explain Jesus and Christmas to classroom’s full of school kids, and preach on Sunday morning at Emanuel. I was fully out of my comfort zone.

So now I share what I learned by pushing others out of their comfort zone. This is primarily focused on our team and the teams that travel to Moldova to participate in camps. Afraid to speak in public? Great, you are up next to share your testimony in front of the church. Not a teacher? Great, you are now teaching English class. (This is what we did to Caity for TKD VBS, and she ran with it.) I’ve had a few of the kids share their testimonies at different times as the Lord provided opportunities. The point here is that if you are standing up to speak for Jesus, than who cares if you flub on your words? You are giving glory to the King of Kings! Praise the Lord that we can so easily be pushed out of our “comfort zone”.