I Am Second

June 23, 2014

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I bought nine of these wristbands the day before we left the USA. I bought them for a few reasons. 
First, I like the message they portray. If I am second, than who is first? Easy answer; Jesus is first. I’ve already had people on the ground here in Moldova ask what this means, and was able to talk about Jesus with them. 
Second, we have a team of nine people, living in close quarters, working together in gospel ministry. This could easily result in lots of arguing and disagreements. After we arrived here, I sat down with our team and explained that if we let the little things annoy us, they take away from what the Lord has called us to do. We need to put aside anything petty, and focus on why we are in Moldova. Gospel ministry is our focus, and these bracelets remind us when we are getting annoyed with someone, that the gospel is the true reason we are here! To proclaim that Jesus is Lord, Isus este Domne!
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