July 15, 2014

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The TKD VBS was once again a big hit with the kids. Some things stayed the same this year, and some things were different. The Ninja clowns made another surprise, week long visit to the VBS. I’ll cover their antics in a separate post. We were blessed to have Pastor Gelu from Emanuel join us this camp. He delivered all the Bible lessons for us. We have found over the years that the younger kids especially do better with a native Romanian speaker teaching the Bible lessons. The younger the kids are, the less patience or focus they have for listening through a translator. We were happy to have Gelu with us on the team this year, as he brings a love for the Lord and years of youth ministry to the table.

Our focus this year was on Christ. Our Bible lessons included Jesus feeds the 5000, Jesus walks on water, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, Jesus the good shepherd, and Jesus death on the cross. We incorporated the Bible lessons as closely as possible with the other stations that make up the camp. For example, at the English station, Caity taught using words from the Bible story, and re-stated the BIble story in English. This way the kids heard the Bible lesson a second time, from a different perspective.

At the TKD VBS, the kids have a chance to train for 90 minutes with their TKD leaders. During this time, Caity taught a group of kids in the Krav Maga system. She also included many of our kids who were in need of something to do during this time. She had a few young girls in this class with laser focus and they hit HARD. This was a great experience for them, and we hope that they learned some defense that they could apply in the future if needed.

The stations that we had each day are Bible memory, English, Games, and Crafts.

Bible memory station

This kid owed Deb money. 🙂 Just kidding, this is little Denis, and he was a handful all week!
Caity teaching English.
Craft time.

This camp is a great opportunity for the American team to work alongside the TKD leaders and leaders to be from Club Dinamic. We had a great experience working together to serve the Lord in Cahul.

To see all the pictures from TKD camp, visit the TKD VBS smugmug gallery.

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