The Kids Ran a VBS on Tuesday

July 17, 2014

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On Monday night of this week, I started to feel sick. I woke up Tuesday morning afflicted by the same sickness that had hit many others on the team. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the VBS. I prepped Daniel Monday night that I would not likely make the trip Tuesday. He had seen the water illustration I had used at the previous VBS. I told him he was going to have to run the show at the VBS and teach the lesson. He re-read the account of Jesus walking on water and was ready to go.

I am a proud team leader after Tuesday. The teenagers from our team ran a VBS on their own. This is their fourth week of VBS for the summer, so they knew what to do. They executed the event and proved that no one is mandatory for any given ministry. The Lord will use those who are present to execute His will on earth. Plain and simple.

Tuesday was not without challenges. They had a drunk village guy and his son show up at the camp. Alexandru was able to persuade the guy to leave, but his kid stayed behind to try to disrupt the camp. He climbed in the tree and threw walnuts at the campers while they were singing songs. He challenged some of the TKD sportsmen to fight. This is a kid crying out for any attention that he can get, whether negative or positive. The team invited him to join the camp many times, but he declined each one. Please pray for this boy and his family. He needs Jesus just as much as we do.


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