Ninja Clowns Ride Again!

July 24, 2014

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 The Ninja Clowns appeared for their second year at TKD VBS. This year the clown roster was entirely from our team, with Levi, Daniel, Ashley, and I (Chris) getting in on the fun. Lauren and Deb were our D.J.’s. Caity helped on the make-up front, and Acacia and Sarah were in charge of props (filling water guns with water, trash cans with paper, and bags of candy).

The point of the Ninja clowns is to have some fun and entertain the kids at VBS. We had a rough story idea each day, and much of what we do happens in an improv style. Our first day we introduced ourselves and setup a table scene (La Masa) (set by Daniel), and Levi arrives to share lunch with Daniel. I come along and decide to do a magic trick of pulling the tablecloth out from underneath all the set dishes, and hilarity ensues. Day 2 saw us looking for a lost Panda (Unde este Panda?, Where is Panda?). Day 3 introduced Barbie Clown, played by Ashley. Day 4 was “I am Batman”, or “Eu sunt Batman”, a battle between Daniel and I to determine the real Batman clown. Day 5 was our grand finale, with pies flying, water squirting, and a good time had by most. We threw some balloons down from the balcony which also caused a chaotic scene for a few minutes. There is a pattern, as you’ll see in the video. We make end up chasing each other around in circles, and the kids love it.

All in all, we had fun, were squirted with water, hit in the face with pies, and all to entertain and share the love of Jesus with these kids.

Looking forward to the return of the Nina clowns again next year!

Click on the image below to see the Ninja clown video for 2014. Feel free to jump around, as it’s 17 minutes long. I just couldn’t find enough stuff to cut out! This video is about Ninja Clowns 2014

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